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 They meet again.

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Kid Extreme

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They meet again. Empty
PostSubject: They meet again.   They meet again. I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:06 am

The camera opens up backstage and finds Kid Xtreme walking towards the locker room area. He stops near a door with a nameplate that reads "Brandon Torento".

Kid Xtreme enters the room and the camera man follows suit. Inside the room Brandon Torento is sitting on a steel chair and watching the show. He suddenly spots Kid Xtreme and stands up from his chair and looks at him with caution.

Kid Xtreme: Hey there buddy, why are ya looking at me like that. You remember me right? I was your tag partner the other night?

Brandon Torento looks at him amused.

Brandon Torento: Yeah, I know who you are. Hey, word is that your facing Lord Vader tonight. Watch out because I saw him and bomber talking backstage earlier.

Kid Xtreme chuckles and he replies.

Kid Xtreme: Aww don't worry bro, I can take care of these 2 babies single handedly. And there is no doubt I will win this match cos' my 'Xtreme Wrestling Style' is one of the best in the business Period!! Wow I feel good praising my self.

Brandon Torento laughs a little.

Brandon Torento: Whatever you say man. Just giving you a heads up. Anyhow, your match is coming up here soon. You better get ready.

Brandon looks at Kid Xtreme.

Kid Xtreme: Yeah, I'd better warm up those limbs of mine.. By the way ummm... Would you like to team up again sometime? We came so close to walking out as the victors of our tag team match. We were a deadly team in that ring. Does a rematch sound good?

Brandon Torento: Well Kid, maybe some time, but right now the GM says I have a match against Tragar. I have to go get ready for that. I'll be seeing you arround.

Brandon Torento walks out of the locker room

Kid Xtreme : Wow nice locker room he's got. I think i'll make myself comfortable till he gets back.

Saying this he takes up a seat next to the Television and watches the show in a relaxed manner as the camera fades to black.
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David Johnson

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They meet again. Empty
PostSubject: Re: They meet again.   They meet again. I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 11:50 am

Added to the show.
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They meet again.
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