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PostSubject: .NF Riots.   .NF Riots. I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 10:58 pm

The camera opens up to a crowded hallway backstage.

Camera Man: Why am I here... There's nothing going on at...

He is cut off by a faint sound down the hallway slowly getting louder and louder. The camera man points the camera in the direction of the noise, which now sounds like a small engine

Camera Man: what the hell?

suddenly workers are seen jumping out of the way as a pair of black 4-wheelers come flying down the hall narrowly missing people. on the back of the 4-wheelers Blackflame and Ninja Doug are clearly seen.

Camera Man: Stop! What are you...

Blackflame and Ninja Doug pull out cans of spray paint and paint lines along the walls as they go down the hallway towards the camera man who is shaking nervously

Camera Man: You can't...

The Camera man dives out of the way and drops the camera as The pair go by in a blur. The Camera man picks up the camera and chases after them. Blackflame and Ninja Doug can be hear yelling back and forth.

Blackflame: What did I tell you!

Ninja Doug: You were right. this is fun man!

Blackflame:Did you see the looks on their faces?!

Ninja Doug: That was my favorite part

The pair stops and gets off the 4-wheelers as the camera man finally catches up panting heavily

Camera Man: You... Two... so...

Ninja Doug: So what?

Ninja Doug kicks the camera man in the gut doubling him over and he drops the camera. Blackflame picks it up

Ninja Doug:You getting this?

Blackflame:Yeah I am

Ninja Doug lifts the camera man into suplex position and drives him to the ground head first. He then stands up laughing.

Ninja Doug: So much for him

Ninja Doug grabs the spray piant once more and writes NF RIOT on te camera lens before Blackflame puts it down and the two walk off
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.NF Riots.
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