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 Mercenary and Pirate by God's will

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Jarek Sindel

Jarek Sindel

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PostSubject: Mercenary and Pirate by God's will   Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:08 pm

A promo is shown at the TitanTron, showing nothing more than a black space.

Man (VO): What do we see when we look out from the window? Beauty, a calm center of a paradise? Green hills and butterflies? What do we see when we look ourselves from the mirror? Do we see inner beauty, a well-rested succesfull businessman? What if we only see darkness? Hideous nightmare from a so-called world? What if we see only the ugly side of the truth? The truth, that everyone seems to forget or not taking notice?

A man walks in front of the camera, showing only his other side of the face

Man: Well, I have seen the truth and it ain't....a pretty sight....

The man turns to the camera, showing that his other side of the face is scarred

Man: I have seen the terror that this world has to offer. I have seen the depths of burning hell. Yes, I have seen death and sorrow. Death brings misery, misery brings sorrow. I have battled all my life for a greater purpose and what did I get?

He points to his scarred side

Man: This! I get this for the rest of my life!

He takes a short pause and then continues

Man: I was a soldier, serving my country and protecting the innocent. I fought with the inch of my life and then...my country betrayed me. They gave me a medal and wish me good luck in my life. What did my fallen comrades get? Not even a funeral, they were left there to rot!! After when I got back, I became a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. By God's will. I hunted down the low-life if the price was right. But then, I realized that my work was not finished. So I became a new aged Pirate. I stole from the rich but I never gave it to the poor. I steal, just to satisfy my needs.

Man gives a small grin

Man: My name is Jarek Sindel and I'm the one who loaths the mankind. I'm not here to make friends, I'm only here to punish those who deserves it. I'm the definition of the word: "ruthless aggression". So...ladies and gentleman, the people in USPW...

Jarek gives a sadistic smile

Jarek: I'll see you in hell...

Jarek gives a sadistic laugh as the screen fades to black
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David Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary and Pirate by God's will   Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:52 am

This is beautiful *tears up*
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Mercenary and Pirate by God's will
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