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 After the show

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PostSubject: After the show   Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:09 pm

The titan tron fades in showing Kaylin Birth standing with Reject who is holding his two bats. And strangely...one of them is cracked, dented, and stained with a few questionable colors.

Kaylin: I'm standing here with Reject awaiting his reply on what transpired between him and Skorpion. What exactly happened after your match?

Reject: Well, after the match I went to the locker room and get dressed. But when I was leaving some stuff went down. I know a camera guy was there. Don't you have the video?

Kaylin: Well actually, we do. Timmy lets roll it.

The tron fades to show Reject walking down the hallway and out into the parking lot after almost everyone else has left. All that remains in the parking lot aside from his bike is an expensive looking sports car, and a Ford Torus. Reject shakes his head and walks over to the sports car. He sets down on of his bats and takes a few practice swings in the air then takes on wide arcing swing and cracks it against the head lights one at a time destroying the casing and denting the sides. He then takes a sharpie out of his pocket and writes 'Oops. My bad.' In big solid letters on the hood.

Reject smirks at his work and walks over to the Torus leaving two one hundred dollar bills under the wipers.


Reject turns to see Skorpion standing over the sports car.

Reject: Oh my night just got a whole lot better. Yeah, that was me. Problem bug brain?

Skorpion drops his bag and charges Reject. Reject takes his bat and swings connecting with Skorpion's skull with a low stomach curdling thud.

You friggin jerk. You just cracked my bat.

Reject stomps on Skorpion's face causing blood to pour from his nose.

The tron cuts back to Kaylin and Reject standing backstage.

Kaylin: So Reject...why'd you do it?

Reject: He's an over indulgent ass. He got what he deserved. I beat him down cause he attacked me. I hold no ill will towards him because he beat me. I lost fair and square.

Kaylin: Well, that answers all of my questions. Thank for your time Reject.

Reject: No problem babydoll.
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After the show
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