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 Nobody's Innocent (first show)

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Jarek Sindel

Jarek Sindel

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Nobody's Innocent (first show) Empty
PostSubject: Nobody's Innocent (first show)   Nobody's Innocent (first show) I_icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 7:49 pm

Camera is cut to the backstage where we see Jarek Sindel sitting on a chair and his head lowered down

Jarek: Who is innocent? What is innocence? Who is innocent? What is innocence? The truth is that nobody's innocent. This world has been a corrupt place for a long time now, what we see is evil men in their dark charade's, a suited vultures circling around, making killer's walk free on this Earth....yes, this world is corrupt...

Jarek raises his head, revealing his scarred side on the face

Jarek: When I wore my uniform, I battled the evil forces, sworn to protect the innocent. It was my duty, my life. The unit was my life, my family. Now I have no one, because of the betrayal of my country, the world. I realized that there is no such thing as innocence left in this world. I battled for the wrong reasons and what I get as a prize?

He points to his scars

Jarek: These.....these marks will always remind me about the wrong reasons. I thought I was fighting for innocence, but no....that was not the case.

Jarek takes a short pause as he raises up

Jarek: The world what we used to know is gone and it has been replaced by corruption. It's growing like a cancer inside. Everywhere I look, I see disgust, hatred, sorrow and pity. There's no happiness left in here, there's no green hills, red houses and big families. What you cannot see behind all that is the truth. It's easy to hide and people nowadays are teaching their kids that the truth is easy to hide. I give you an example....A killer is set free from trial, not guilty of all charges. How's that possible? The evidence was lacking the crucial proof, judge has been bribed and the members of the jury has been threatened to vote him "not guilty". You see, this is the world now. Insane place.

Jarek takes a yet another short pause as he shakes his head in disbelief

Jarek: But now, I'm here to catch the sinners. I'm here to unleash the holy hell upon others who are corrupt. I'm here to cast the fire and brimstone on everyone here at USPW. But then again, who am I to tell what's good and what's evil? I'm might be the bad guy. Well guess what, you're right. I'm either the villain of this story or an anti-hero, your call. But remember this, nobody's innocent....

Jarek gives a sadistic smile

Jarek: I'm not innocent...

Screen fades to black
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Nobody's Innocent (first show)
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