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 The Rotten (heel)

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PostSubject: The Rotten (heel)   The Rotten (heel) I_icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2012 5:37 pm

Entrance music:Bloodlines by Slayer

The Rotten is the death of Axl Rotten and the birth of an evil lost from history.Axl's camera girl thought she was helping.Satania's mother dabbled in spells in her younger days.She went and grabbed all her books and her laptop.She got all the ingredients and started doing the chants and drawing the symbols it called for.She was supposed to be doing protection spells,but being the dullurd she was,she screwed it up.She heard a voice in her head that directed her to do other spells to release him so he could help her love.Knowing nobody liked Axl and she was to frail to do anything she listened.

Axl was in his match and was burned alive and then buried under a crushing pile of dirt.Axl was sent to a local hospital.Satania grabbed her stuff and rushed to his side.The voice told her what page to turn to and what symbols to draw.Upon reading Satania herself changed.Axl waking up from a medicated slumber,started flippin out.The room ignited and caught on fire roasting the two in the room.Rumors are they were spared from death and wander the Earth again.The former couple will never be the same and neither will the competition.
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The Rotten (heel)
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