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 Matt Moore - Bio

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PostSubject: Matt Moore - Bio   Matt Moore - Bio I_icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2012 6:00 pm

Matt Moore - Bio Matthe15
Name: Matthew Moore
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 218 lb
Born: August 7, 1978
Hometown : Cook, Il

Short Biography
Born in 1978, Matt Moore had a hard life growing up on the streets from gangs, violence and drugs, Matt somehow perservered and avoided all of it. Seeing how it had hurt his family from his dad getting hooked on drugs right before he was born, leaving his mother and forcing her to raise him on her own and scratch and claw for every penny to keep them fed. In his teen years, Moore trained vigorously in kick boxing and karate becoming very highly disciplined in the art of fighting while also doing astonishingly well in school. After he graduated he didn't really know what to do with his life, knowing college was not for him, Moore decided to sign up with the United States Marine Corps. Once in he graduated head of his platoon and also had the opportunity to quench his thirst in the art of fighting by taking a two year trip to Thailand, with a rare opportunity to train in Muy Thai Kickboxing.

During his stay in Thailand though, Matthew Moore was scheduled for the biggest match of his career so far. A match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship under the New Japan Pro Wrestling brand. During the bout Matthew Moore caught the eye of Danny Dominion, from the Steel Dominion Wrestling School in his hometown, who was out scouting new talent to join his school. Even though Matt lost the contest, he left an everasting impression on Danny, who was hell-bent and determined to get Matt to come back with him but it wouldn't fall through, yet. Matt's heart was still in Japan where he continued competing against greats in the industry slowly carving his name into the history books on the professional wrestling industry.

Nearly a year later, Matthew contacted Danny Dominion and took a trip to his school. He ended up staying for two days and after seeing the prospects and the passion they had for the sport he couldn't turn it down and he was now back in the United States to stay.

Ace Steel, one of the trainers at the Steel Dominion, was astonished by Moore in his try out and immediatly took him in under his wing, knowing the potential Matt held. As part of his training he joined with Steel Dominion Wrestling in St. Paul, Minnesota. After a couple years of blood, sweat and tears Moore made quite a name for himself in the United Stated. Wrestling every week giving it his all and winning every championship they had to offer, at one point double champion, Matthew Moore had won the heart of every viewer of the show and the audiences sure let him know it.

Ever since no matter where Moore had gone, the fans had followed. Wether it's the emotional story of his growing up or the emotion he steps in the ring with day in and day out, Matt sure knows how to win over a crowd and he plans to bring that feeling of excitment with him right to the doorsteps of the United States Pro Wrestling, if he can win over the GM.. Brandon Torento.
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Matt Moore - Bio
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