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 Legend and Johnny

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The Legend

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PostSubject: Legend and Johnny   Legend and Johnny I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2012 4:38 pm

The camera pans out to the scene where The Legend can be seen holding a ice pack in his head after his match with Rotten last week. His trainer Johnny walks in to the locker room where The Legend looks up at him and lowers his ice pack down as he starts to talk.
The Legend: Your some kind of trainer Johnny. What is up with you and booking me in matches that are impossible for me to win? I know i need training but can it be with someone i have a chance with.
The Legend grabs a ciggarette from his pocket as he starts to light it with his lighter while Johnny talks.
Johnny: Look Legend this is the kind of training you need. First you get your body beaten so that you get use to the pain. Second part is that you face people that are stronger then you so that you can learn from them. If you want i can try to get you a match against Sidewinder. You two seem equal.
The Legend: I have to some what disagree with your methods but i guess since you are the trainer. Sidewinder mmm what a strange name but if we are equal then it should be a good match. Why don't you try to book us the match then Johnny. In the mean time i am going to go out for a little.
Johnny: Well are you going off to?
The Legend makes a small smile.
The Legend: Just going out to get some lunch with a close friend. I will be back in a little while in time for my lunch.
Before Johnny can talk The Legend leaves the scene while Johnny shakes his head as the camera fades off.
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Legend and Johnny
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