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PostSubject: SK Sammy Krue   SK Sammy Krue I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 9:32 am

Height: 6 feet 2inches

Weight:210 pounds

Alignment: Heel

Age: 26

SK Sammy Krue Bruce-lee-suit

Bio: He Was Raised in America but later moved to Britian to learn how to be a true Technical wrestler in the ring. In his training went up against the best of the best, and the secret wrestling school called "Under the Bridge". Where they pratice grapples all day long. His skill with kicks has made his grapping skills even more deadly. Once your stun with his hard hitting kicks it is hard to get out of his minor submissons. his real skil is the ability to block and stop opponents attempt to Submit him. He is a True young prodigy, and he is back to make another impact in TWG

Finisher: Rolling Chaos Theory

Alignment: Whatever the sport of wrestling will most benefit from

Personalilty....an asshole
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SK Sammy Krue
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