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 Nick Wheeler

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Nick Wheeler

Nick Wheeler

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PostSubject: Nick Wheeler   Nick Wheeler I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 2:06 pm

Name: Nick Wheeler

Class: Balanced

weight: 227 lbs

height: 6 foot 2

Entrance theme: Badass by Saliva

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Cocky, Veteran, Former World Champion

Wrestling Attire: white wrestling tights with "Wheeler" written on the front near the waist with designs on the left and right pant legs, black wrestling boots, black wristbands

Trademark Moves: Anacanada Vise (Shoulder Lock) - Nick Wheeler puts besty 4 life shoulder in a lever and puts it in traction executing a violent Anacanada Vise

Uranage - Nick Wheeler grabs his opponent by the neck to throw him by performing a Extreme Uranage

Finisher: The Mothercanucking End (F-5) - Nick Wheeler lifts the opponent into a fireman's carry across his shoulders then throws the opponent's legs out in front of him to spin the opponent out while he simultaneously falls backwards, causing the opponent to land face first on the mat executing The Mothercanucking End

Taunt: Nick Wheeler Claps His Hands Three Times Hits His Opponent With A European Uppercut Then Smacks His Left Pectoral With His Right Hand Three Times executing a Charisma Salute

Short Bio: He is a one-time Light Heavyweight Champion. A one-time Intercontinental Champion. A two-time World Tag Team Champion. And a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. He is considered one of the smartest and best wrestlers alive today. He is The All Canadian Nightmare but most importantly he is Nick Wheeler. Since debuting in the USA in the wrestling federation POW!, He has shown himself to be a true warrior in the wrong. And in the federation DWA, Nick became a household name. But his time in NTW & RCW will be remembered best for that's where his most cherished accomplishments have been made. Now he enters USPW to show all the STW fans and wrestlers that he is in a whole different league than everyone else on the roster. And he has his eye on his fourth World Heavyweight Championship.
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Nick Wheeler
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