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 Jorinho & Ashley

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PostSubject: Jorinho & Ashley   Jorinho & Ashley I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2012 4:42 am

Name: Jorinho
Class: Speed
Birthplace: Finland
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Weight: 165 lbs
Face/Heel: Face
Entrance theme: Xandria - Fight me

Wrestling Attire:

orange blouse, his party hat with two beer bottles, blue jeans and black sunglasses

Trademark moves:
- Finnish Gentleman Get a Beer (Jorinho with the help of the top rope, leaps up executing a somersault, pointing his opponent lying across the ring
and lands on him performing a LEGENDARY Finnish Gentleman Get A Beer!!)
- Dream of Drunk Tuesday (Jorinho climbs on the turnbuckle and completes a leap backward
performing a LEGENDARY Dream Of Drunk Tuesday!!)

- Unforgiven kick to knee
(Jorinho bounces from the ropes to [nome]
and kicks really hard to his opponent's knee executing an devastating Unforgiven Kick To Knee)
- Beer pin
(Jorinho looks at [nome] who is laying on the mat then he goes to his party hat and pulls one beer from it and opens it. Then he walks back to [nome] and puts his right leg over him and drinks beer)

- Falled for a love (Jorinho Climbs On Top Turnbuckle And Shouts To His Girlfriend I Love You executing A Falled For A Love)
- Falling for a witch (Jorinho Goes Out Of Ring And Kiss Supermodel executing A Falling For A Witch)


Gimmick: Jorinho is usually talking about his and Ashley´s relationship and about beer drinking. Sometimes Jorinho is drunk while being in the wrestling ring and that´s why he has sometimes really bad days. He tries to make crowd smile and make to crowd give awesome applauses that no other one can get. He always try to help other wrestlers if they have a trouble. He has many high flying moves and he tries always to make everyone shocked about his moves. His favourite weapon is a beer bottle of course.

Short Bio:
Jorinho was born in Finland. He had few brothers. Everyday Jorinho and his brothers watched wrestling and tried copy moves. Jorinho was really interested in wrestling so he thought to come as a wrestler. He started his career in Finland when he was 13 years old. He came North Europe's wrestling champion when he was 15 years old. He was undefeated in North Europe so he thought to move on. After North Europe he went to United Kingdom. His winning streak was 32 wins and he was undefeated in England too. Jorinho was going to be next United Kingdom's heavy weight champion but then he falled for a love. He was drinking beer in some bar when he did saw Ashley. Jorinho didn't know where Ashley was coming from so he just went everywhere where Ashley did go. After long dating period they moved to live together in Connecticut, New England, USA. Jorinho's career ended in Europe that's why. He had many contacts to Europe's wrestling managers so he thought continue his career in America. He did few phone calls and now he is growing star and one of the greatest wrestlers what America has get from the Europe.

Former feds:

***DWA - Dirty Wrestling Alliance
***NTW - New Terror Wrestling
- World Heavyweight champion
- Longest reigning NTW Relentless champion
- only Double champion (world title + relentless title)]
- was going to be in hall of fame but fed closed before that
***XRW/RCW X-treme Revolution Wrestling/Revolutionary Championship Wrestling
- Hall of famer
- only Royal Rumble winner in RCW´s history
- only Revolution champion in RCW´s history
***STW Showtime Wrestling
- had a break from roleplaying
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Jorinho & Ashley
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