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PostSubject: Sin Gambit   Sin Gambit I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 21, 2013 8:39 pm

Name: Sin Gambit

Nickname: SG

Alignment: Heel

Weight: 247 lbs

Height 6'2"

Hometown: California, United States

Entrance music: Sin Gambit - Out of Time

Physical Appearance: Although he is not huge, he isn't small either; he has a decently buff chest and a 6 pack, he usually prefers to wear black cargo shorts with a simple dark green shirt. His sneakers are black, the left with green laces and right with black.

Background: Sin Gambit was born in California, but spent the life he can remember on a small island known as Grand Cayman, he spent his early life being ridiculed, which continued through various groups of people throughout his life. He found loyal friends, who inspired him to begin rapping. He grew older and with time continued to grow better at what he loved to do; but there was always someone there to bring him down. Despite being capable of creating complex lyrics and writing on any topic, his peers regarded him as untalented and continuously doubted his abilities, without properly hearing them. It's because of this past that Sin Gambit grew into a man who hated people and their opinions.

Taunts: None, yet.

Trademarks: Modified Ankle Lock, "Unforgivable Sin"

Finishers: Forbidden Lotus

Sin Gambit punches the opponent across the face while leaning him against the ropes using momentum to throw him at the ropes with all his might
the opponent bounces off the ropes and comes hurdling towards Sin Gambit who lifts his leg and superkicks the opponent, causing him to soar into the air and land flat on his back executing Forbidden Lotus

Catchphrase: None, yet. Will probably realize this while writing an rp and will update this.
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