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 Raynes' Bio

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PostSubject: Raynes' Bio   Raynes' Bio I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 05, 2013 6:11 am

Name: Rayne

Class: Strength

Weight: 124kgs (273lbs)

Height: 196cm (6'5)

Entrance Song: When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000
Entrance clip:


Gimmick: Loner, doesn't get swayed by others. Rayne follows only one person... Himself.

Wrestling Attire: Wears mma type gloves and black wraps on his feet, Rayne wears short black boxers that stop halfway down his thigh (Short mma type boxers)

Trademark Moves: Rayning down the pain! (Leg Drop)

Rayne jumps towards his fallen opponent, raising his leg
landing across his throat connecting with a Mortal Rayning down the pain!

Finisher: Black Rayne

Rayne unleashes a flurry of devastating punches to the face and body of the opponent causing the opponent to drop to their knees
Rayne then runs in the opposite direction to the opponent, rebounds off the ropes and runs at the opponent. Rayne then pushes off the opponent and leaps into the air doing a backflip and landing on the opponents neck with one knee executing Black Rayne

Taunt: Here comes the Thunder!

Rayne starts flexxing his muscles showing off to the crowded arena executing a Here comes the Thunder!

Short Bio:
Rayne is a drifter, roaming from city to city, country to country not looking for anything in particular. He makes his living by finding underground fighting tournaments to make some cash.
Life wasn’t always like this, once upon a time Rayne was living the life. A successful cage fighter, He was living the sweet life of money, parties, beautiful woman and fast cars what more could a guy want?

Until that fateful day where Rayne got mixed up with the wrong type of people and thus the cliché began, Rayne was given the “opportunity” to take a dive during a fight, Rayne doesn’t take dives and thus he ended up on the end of a metal pipe in an alleyway, beaten to an inch of his life, lying battered and broken in the filthy alley. He was left with a rather fetching scar that runs down the right side of his face.

So Rayne realised that this was not the life he had wanted for himself as he dragged his bruised carcass to the hospital. Upon recovery Rayne found that his accounts had been locked out, Rayne’s life had done a 180 on him as he had no cash, no identification, no nothing. He went home to find that it had been burnt to the ground, there really was nothing left for him and so… Many years later he still drifts from city to city keeping his body trained through fighting tournaments. Maybe one day he may find a place where he belongs and can finally settle down and start his life again.

Raynes' Bio Raynep10
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Raynes' Bio
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