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 Octo's Bio

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PostSubject: Octo's Bio   Octo's Bio I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2013 7:31 am

There doesn't seem to be a template for this, so I'll just write some of the stuff other players mentioned in their bio's.

Name: Octo
Class: Tech
Weight: 176 lbs
Height: 6'2
Alignment: Tweener

Background: Birth location unknown, he has been dragged from country to country until finally settling down in America on his 27th birthday. Lived off doing odd jobs, sometimes wrestling or boxing for all kinds of underground shitholes around the world until finally his talent was somewhat appreciated and he was taken in full-time by a wrestling federation in America which was also the reason he decided to settle down for the time being. Just to see how it works out.

Gimmick: Tends to ignore the crowd's presence completely. Sometimes gets carried away climbing on his high horse. Tries to keep his fights fair, but as soon as something important is on the line and he sees that he may have a problem winning - he'll cheat 6 ways to hell and won't lose any sleep over it. Always look to get the most out of a situation without stepping over any moral lines unless absolutely necessary.

Taunt: Doesn't have any official taunts, just what feels right in the moment.

Finisher: Modern Business Tactic
Octo headbutts the opponent unexpectedly, drags him to the ropes and throws him over
quickly catching the advesary mid air with a sleeper hold making him hang just outside the ring with his feet in the air executing Modern Business Tactic

Appearance: I guess that's what the picture I posted in that other section is for. Wrestles only with a white undershirt and dark brown dress pants without any shoes. I should probably post the picture again:
Octo's Bio James-Callis-Eureka-Season-4
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Octo's Bio
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