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 Legend meets Brandon Torento

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The Legend

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PostSubject: Legend meets Brandon Torento   Legend meets Brandon Torento I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2013 1:34 am

The Legend is being seen inside Brandon Torento's office smoking a cigarette as Legend waits for Brandon to arrive. After a couple seconds of waiting, Brandon finally shows. Brandon waits for Legend to stand up to shake hands, but Legend makes no attempt as Brandon makes his way to his seat in front of Legend.
Brandon Torento: Well if it isn't the infamous Legend, it is an honor to finally meet you. Sorry it took this long to meet face to face, but as you can see I am quite the busy man. How is Kaylin doing by the way?
The Legend: It is nice to meet you as well Brandon after two weeks of being employed here. I understand completely that someone like you must be busy running this industrialize roster of yours. Kaylin is doing well, she is just getting some ice. Wouldn't want swelling or possibly a bruise.
Legend blows a cloud of smoke to his side as Brandon begins to talk.
Brandon Torento: There isn't any smoking here Legend, so if you wouldn't mind putting it out. You must understand that as General Manager, I can't have anyone smoking.
Legend chuckles slightly as he takes out the cigarette from his mouth and flicks it to the trash can.
The Legend: Didn't know you had any rules here, but hey you are the General Manager. Look I came here for a reason, so I don't want to be wasting both our time with small talk. I came here, because I want Trigger in a (special match if we have any or I can edit one) match.
Brandon Torento: We have a set of rules that you should know, since you were given a handbook that shows those set of rules. Another thing is that I don't like the tone of your voice, so you better settle down. I know you must be frustrated about what happened earlier, but that isn't no excuse to talk to me in that manner of tone.
The Legend smiles a bit as he talks.
The Legend: Oh that handbook, well I don't think you would be happy to know that I kind of burned that book. I don't tend follow certain amount of rules, so having a book would be useless to have. By the way I will speak to anyone that way I want to speak.
Brandon is about to say something, but stops as he starts to smell smoke. Brandon looks around to see his trashcan on fire. Brandon quickly gets up as he starts to put it out, while Legend can be seen getting up from his seat.
The Legend: It seems you are busy, so I guess I shall be taking my leave now. It was nice meeting/talking to you Brandon. I hope we can have more conversations like this in the near future.
Legend leaves as he is being seen giving Brandon the bird as Brandon is unknown of that as the camera fades off with Brandon putting the fire out.
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Legend meets Brandon Torento
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