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 Not What Vader Wanted

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Lord Vader

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PostSubject: Not What Vader Wanted   Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:51 pm

Bomber is spotted by cameramen in his locker room, he seems to be looking at something in fear, suddenly a hand appears and pushes him, a man is standing there, as bomber looks at him from the floor.

???: Now you listen here, and you listen good, I didn't want a tag match, its not me, I'm a loner, i do not need you, now tonight, i will start the match, i will not tag you, and i will finish the match.

The cameraman walks into the locker room, the figure is Lord Vader, a new guy in USPW.

Vader: The last thing i need is for weakling like you to be dragging me down, im going to go far in this business, and i cant afford screw ups like you to be in my way, and if you get IN the way, you will face the wrath of Lord Vader!

Lord Vader storms out the locker room, and pushes the camera man to one side on his way out, as he leaves down the locker room he glances at Brandon Torento, a wrestler who is wrestling for the other team, Lord Vader laughs in an evil manner as he turns the corner into his own locker room.

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Not What Vader Wanted
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