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 my Bio is eepic

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Professor Genki

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PostSubject: my Bio is eepic   my Bio is eepic I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 31, 2012 6:00 pm

Professor genki
The human Cat
Catlas. somewher in cat heaven
Entrance music:
A meowing echo
Physical Appearance:

It is revealed that Professor Genki was a renowned professor of science at the Science University College of Science. Genki taught along side Todd who just so happened to be his pet cat whom he loved. Genki, fearing his own morality, set to work on creating a magical device that would fuse the two together so that they may live forever in harmony as a half-man half-cat being. The experiment was a success. People were in shock of Professor Genki's new form, as his head had morphed into that of a cat's. The experiment wasn't without side-effects, as Genki's enlarged brain gave him powers far beyond any mortal and an insatiable appetite for wet cat food and human brains Genki then decided to become a wrestler ....
not got one yet
Modified Avalanche
Modified Full Nelson Face Drop
Professor Genki stairs at the opponent
then professor grabs the opponents mouth and widens it and trys to overdose him on the cat poshian executing Mortalalalalala
The cat is a huge impact
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my Bio is eepic
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