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 The British Hawk

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PostSubject: The British Hawk   The British Hawk I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 8:46 pm

The British Hawk Hawk

Name: The British Hawk, Hawky, Connor

Class: Speed

weight: 220lbs

height: 6 foot 1

Entrance theme: 'The Broken' Coheed and Cambria

Alignment: Face/Tweener

Gimmick: What is your wrestlers personality? Patriot, Cocky, Young

Wrestling Attire:(what you wear in the ring) wearing black: elbow pads, gloves, wrestling shorts, knee pads and boots. Decorated with the Union Jack.

Trademark Moves: (also add Description) Springboard Hawk-a-Sault - The British Hawk with the help of the top rope, leaps up executing a somersault, pointing his opponent lying across the ring
and lands on him with a ULTIMATE Springboard Hawk-a-sault !

Finisher: (also add Description) Made In England - The British Hawk slips behind the opponent and sticks their head under his arm before twisting
his body making the opponent twist and slam him on the mat executing a ULTIMATE Made in England

Taunt: (also add Description) The British Hawk raises his arms to the crowd executing a Hawk 1

Short Bio: (A short story about your wrestlers life/character) A former IHW World Heavyweight Champion and TBG Bloodline and Pedigree Champion, TBH is no stranger to the ring, he is currently trying to regain fitness and form after being at death's door by the CoV.

On his 20th birthday, March 17th 2012, The British Hawk competed in the RCW Revolutionary Rumble. He entered at number 4 and lasted all the way to the final. He thought he had the win but Jorinho sneakily made his re-appearance into the match and eliminated Hawk for the win. But Hawk held his head high because despite being injured and bloody, Hawk had the most eliminations in that match.
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The British Hawk
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