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 "The Immortal" Aaden Storm

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Aaden Storm

Aaden Storm

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PostSubject: "The Immortal" Aaden Storm   "The Immortal" Aaden Storm I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 10:56 pm

Name: "The Immortal" Aaden Storm

Class: Speed

weight: 228lbs

height: 6 foot 3

Entrance theme: 'Immortal' by Pearl Jam

Alignment: Tweener

Gimmick: Confident bordering on Arrogant and also a little paranoid

Wrestling Attire: Long Black Pleather pants with blue lightning bolts down the side. Black thin elbow pads and black strapping on his wrists and hands.

Trademark Moves:
Eye of the storm clothesline (Discus Clothesline)
Immortal bomb (Springboard Senton Splash)
Storm Driver DDT (Complete Shot DDT)

Rapid Fire (The Immortal" Aaden Storm Hits the opponent with a jumping knee lift then hits him with a left right left combo
then hits a spinning back kick to the stomach and thengrabs his head and slams it down into a DDT executing a Rapid Fire)

Twisted Death ("The Immortal" Aaden Storm Lifts the opponent on his shoulders then drives him to the mat with a Steamroller
then he holds on to the neck and keeps rolling twisting it in an unnatural position executing Twisted Death)

Death Comes to All........except me ("The Immortal" Aaden Storm Hits the opponent in the face with a quick roundhouse kick then spins around and hits a back kick to the stomach bending him over double then spins the other way sweeping low and taking the opponents legs out from under him leaving him sitting on the
ground. Storm then runs off the ropes at full speed and drives his knee directly into the opponents face he then keeps running and jumps coming of the ropes with a 450 elbowdrop executing Death Comes to All........except me)

Storm Front "The Immortal" Aaden Storm Drops To On Knee Head Down And Arm Spread Then He Raises His Head Slowly To Give His Opponent A Frightenly Evil Look executing a Storm Front

Awesome Immortality
"The Immortal" Aaden Storm runs up the turnbuckle and backflips back into the ring executing a Awesome Immortality

You Have No Honor
"The Immortal" Aaden Storm Stands Up Straight And Crosses His Arms Across His Chest And Slowly Shakes His Head Disapprovingly executing a You Have No Honor

Short Bio: Aaden Storm is 36 years old he has been in the ring game for close to 20 years. He is a former multiple time World Champion in a now defunct Federation.

Aaden Storm grew up in New Zealand and struggled in the small feds that proliferate the scene down there until he had enough money to move to the UK.
In the UK he battled his way through the local Feds until he was noticed by the afore mentioned US Fed.

After that Fed finished up Storm took a few seasons to heal his Battered body and is now ready to take United States Pro Wrestling to the next level.
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"The Immortal" Aaden Storm
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