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 Legend's Interview

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The Legend

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PostSubject: Legend's Interview   Legend's Interview I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2013 12:57 am

The Legend is being seen walking in the backstage area, as Kaylin can be seen coming out of nowhere as she stops in front of The Legend. The camera man follows in behind Kaylin, as he gives Kaylin a signal to start the interview.
Kaylin Birch: Hello welcome back to United States Pro Wrestling folks! I am here standing beside The Legend who seems to not be able to get a win in the last two weeks of his return to USPS. The Legend everyone wants to know If you have lost your spark?
The Legend: I wouldn't say I lost my spark, but I just been testing out the competition. Last week though was Triggers fault that we weren't able to win. That is why tonight I am issuing a challenge to Trigger. Although I have been wondering Kaylin about us, I mean last time I was here I am pretty sure we were a thing.
Kaylin smiles.
Kaylin Birch: I don't recall us being a thing Legend and I am pretty sure that we won't be any time soon. I sense a rivalry between Trigger and yourself, am I correct?
The Legend: For their to be a rivalry he will have to become a threat first and he ain't no threat to me. I feel like you are trying to change the subject though Kaylin. You know you can't resist me doll.
Kaylin Birch: For someone who isn't a threat, he seems to be better than you in some aspects. I am pretty sure you are the one that can't resist me doll. By the way you were the one that changed the subject first.
Out of nowhere Trigger can be seen standing next to The Legend as both men start to stare down at each other.
Kaylin Birch: Oh look It is Trigger the person who you don't consider as a threat. What do you have to say to that Trigger?
Trigger: If I wasn't such a threat, than tell me why I have a win over you? Tell my why I wasn't the one that got pinned last week? Tell me why after tonight, I'll be the one who is going to win? Tell me why after our match, I'll be taking this lovely lady out for a date?
The Legend: Tell my why I shouldn't just knock you out right here right now? Oh just to be clear, I think Kaylin is out of your league. I am pretty sure I seen some farm animals not to far from here, you should fit in with them. You already look like one, so I can't see why they would deny you.
Triggers start to laugh.
Trigger: Haha no! The only animal I see here is you Legend. I don't see why Kaylin would even be seen near a filth like you.
The Legend: The only animal here is a female dog and that (censored) is you.
The Legend punches Trigger in the face as he falls to the ground, as Kaylin Birch starts to pull The Legend away. Trigger retaliates by quickly getting up on his feet and is about to strike The Legend, but unknowingly Kaylin gets in the way by mistake as Trigger strikes her with a punch in the face. The Legend grabs Kaylin as she falls, while Trigger horrified starts to run away.
The Legend: You ok doll? You look kind of (censored) up right now to be honest. Want me to take you to the medical room?
Kaylin Birch: Oh why thank you for your honest respond Legend, but no I am fine. I am a tough girl, one punch isn't going to take me down. A girl has to be strong.
The Legend laughs as he is still holding Kaylin by the waist as they both look at each other. They exchange a small kiss as the camera fades off.
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Legend's Interview
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