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 Smoker Octo (Week 4, I think)

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Smoker Octo (Week 4, I think) Empty
PostSubject: Smoker Octo (Week 4, I think)   Smoker Octo (Week 4, I think) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 2:40 pm

An unnamed closet is being shown through the camera. It's completely quiet and nothing exciting or otherwise is happening. After a little while white smoke starts pouring out through the upper part of the cheap wooden door. The cameraman with the camera in his hand quickly rushes to the door and tears it open.

In a few moments the smoke clears out and the viewers can see that this is a supply closet and in it there's Octo. He's sitting on an old office chair with his feet up on a little plastic table. In his mouth there's a recently lit cigar and Octo's puffing on it happily.  Noticing the cameraman, Octo takes the cigar out of his mouth.

Octo: Oh excellent, you're here! I can see that you're itching for a chat, buddy. I know it's a little cramped here, but please come in. Get the door, if you don't mind. Cigar?

The cameraman squeezes into the teensy supply closet, shuts the door and shakes the camera uncomfortably refusing the cigar.

Octo: Right, maybe after the show then... Getting to the point, you probably remember my debut last week? Well if you don't, here are the essentials: I got pitted against a man with an unpronounceable name, I was late and flustered and guess what? I still came out on top. I can't say it was particularly difficult, but I had to be tested somehow so I could completely understand the reasoning behind me facing him.

Octo takes a deep puff and blows it out slowly.

Octo: Now this is where you come in, I imagine you've been working here for a while, so maybe you could explain this to me. See, I got the news that tonight I'm facing -

Octo starts grumbling and mumbling making no sense for a second.

Octo: again. The same guy I faced last week! It just makes no sense. I hoped that particular obstacle was done for one simple reason - there's no potential. There is nothing I can gain from that man anymore. He has no titles, physical or word of the mouth ones, he has no great history, he hasn't left a significant footprint in the wrestling industry and lastly - he lost to me. Last week. I see no reason why would I need to face him again. Do you?

The camera tilts at an angle signaling a shrug.

Octo: So it's not just me, good to know. The expression of climbing the ladder surely didn't come from this place.  I guess I still have to remember that I'm completely new in this company so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut for now and deal with it. I can be a patient man if I want to. Not too patient, though!

Octo laughs, takes another drag and puts out the cigar.

Octo: Alright, good talk, man. See you around.

Octo stands up and is about to reach for the door, but suddenly he stops and glances at the camera nervously.

Octo: Buddy, what you filmed here wasn't shown live, was it?

The camera stays completely still, fixed on Octo's tense facial expression.

Octo: ... [CENSOR]
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Smoker Octo (Week 4, I think)
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