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 Kaylin Birch's n Legend

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PostSubject: Kaylin Birch's n Legend   Kaylin Birch's n Legend I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 3:31 am

Kaylin Birch can be seen holding a bag of ice on her face after what happened last week between Trigger and herself. While Kaylin is holding the bag of ice, The Legend can be seen coming inside the locker room with a smile on his face holding a bouquet of roses. Kaylin smiles as she begins to talk.
Kaylin Birch: Those roses look gorgeous Legend, who would have known that you could be such the romantic type. Thank you though for the roses, but you really shouldn't have. I am not that injured.
The Legend: Nah these roses were given to me by a fan, who ever said these were for you? Haha kidding doll face, I thought this would make you feel better so I said why not. Anyhow I guess after last week match was considered controversy, so now I get to face Trigger in a last blood match.
Legend hands Kaylin the flowers as she smells them. Her face can be seen lighten up as she speaks.
Kaylin Birch: You haven't been able to beat Trigger recently Legend, so I think facing him in a last blood match would be a bad idea. Not trying to underestimate your ability, but I wouldn't want you getting hurt.
Kaylin winks at Legend as Legend chuckles a bit.
The Legend: You are certainly entertaining me with your sense of humor doll face, but nah this little rivalry between us is going to end next week once I see that blood pour down his face. Either way I know you want some revenge after Trigger nailed you last week.
Kaylin Birch: True I would love to get my hands on him, but a lady like myself can't resort to such tactics. On the other hand this lady does have some nails, so yea.
Triggers can be seen walking inside the locker room as he is surprised to see Legend.
Triggers: Oh Legend, I wasn't expecting to see you here. I came in here, so that I can apologize to Kaylin for last week even though it was clearly your fault. If you haven't had moved, than this would have never happened.
The Legend: Really now, well in that case I guess I should be the one apologizing than huh? Alright than Kaylin I apologize that Triggers isn't capable of apologizing, since he is such a (censored) (censored).
Out of nowhere Kaylin can be seen kicking Triggers in the coconuts as he falls in pain.
Kaylin Birch: Your apology is accepted Triggers.
Kaylin leaves the locker room as Legend remains laughing as he lights a cigarette. Legend puts the lit cigarette on Triggers face as he presses it on his face as Triggers starts to scream. Legend lets go as he kicks him in the face as he leaves.
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Kaylin Birch's n Legend
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