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 RIOT goes too far

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PostSubject: RIOT goes too far   RIOT goes too far I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2012 3:30 pm

the camera opens to Blackflame and Ninja Doug walking backstage. Ninja doug has a kendo stick in each hand and Blackflame in holding on to a metal pipe.

Blackflame:how dare they try to put on a show without us! I mean hell... without us this company would be nothing!

Ninja Doug: I hear ya man

the two men stop in front of the door. The camera turns and we see a name on the door that reads JORDAN SANDERS GM. Blackflame suddenly kicks the door in and he and Ninja Doug step inside

Blackflame: Hey there

A twisted smirk comes across Blackflames face as he holds up the metal pipe

Jordan Sanders: What the hell do you two fools want!

Blackflame laughs and motions for Ninja Doug

Blackflame: Well you see...

Ninja Doug stricks quickly and hits Sanders in the gut with the first kendo stick, then brings the second one crashing down on the back of his head. Jordan Sanders falls onto his desk in pain

Blackflame: You tried to book a show with out us... Us, the heart and soul of this business... we are insulted!

Ninja Doug lifts Sanders to his feet and holds him as Blackflame sends shot after shot into his torso and gut with the metal pipe.

Ninja Doug: It hurt us deeply..so now we're going to hurt you!

Ninja Doug pushes Sanders towards Blackfalme who jumps connectinbg with a Meteor Flame Dropkick to sanders skull. Sanders turns stumbling back towards Ninja Doug who lifts him across his body and turns falling back sending Sanders through his desk head first with a modified Shurikan Slam.

Blackflame:That should show him

The two leave the office leaving Jordan laying in the middle of a pile or debris unconscious
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RIOT goes too far
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