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 Passing through

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The Mauler

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PostSubject: Passing through   Passing through I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 4:53 am

*The camera feed crosses to the dimly lit hallways backstage in the arena.

The cameraman is walking down the hallway and as the dim lights begin to flicker on and off, a warm glowing light amidst a smoky haze can be seen coming from one of the recesses.

The camera approaches a silhouetted figure leaning against a wall. A cigar the source of the ominous glow is giving birth to thick smog, revealing only the suit the man is wearing yet shrouding the mystery man's face.

The figure, head dipped, is wearing a fedora hat the brim of which cloaks his face further.

He takes one last puff and drops the cigar to the floor.

He raises his head and his face comes into view.*

The Mauler: Surprised?

It has been a long time since The Mauler has...how should I put it....

Been free to roam.

For quite some time I grew accustom to the comforts and luxuries afforded to me in my previous environment that I forgot my roots.

I, after all, began my journey into this business so long ago, not by staying put, but exterminating the weak.

Don't get used to me being around, for I am only merely passing through to collect a debt.

A debt this business has been owing me for some time now.

And tonight I'm going to collect that debt, when I claim another scalp back on my way to the top...

So Marcus Aurelius, United States Pro Wrestling and the entire world, will remember tonight why I am who I am.

*The Mauler looks past the camera at the cameraman with a scornful look, immediately the feed is cut.*
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Passing through
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