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 Nero's Gimmick.

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PostSubject: Nero's Gimmick.   Nero's Gimmick. I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 4:36 pm

Name: Roy Goos.

Nickname: Nero.

Alignment: Tweener

Weight: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

Height: 171 lb (77.6 kg; 12.2 st)

Hometown: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Entrance music: Bulls On Parade (Live) by Rage Against The Machine.

Physical Appearance: Regular. Not too skinny, not too big. Not a juice head, not a scrawny idiot.

Background: Nero, otherwise known as Roy Goos, comes from The Netherlands, more specifically, Amsterdam. The Netherlands is known for it's free culture so Nero has nothing to brag about when it comes to rough childhoods. One day, his friends and himself watched Eurosport where 'This Week In The WWE' was aired every Monday. The friends all promised just then they'd all become wrestlers. However, Nero was the only one to achieve his dream. Now he wants to prove to himself, and the fans, that he's the best.

Taunts: Dechipered Intentions.

Nero looks at the opponent and commands him to get up executing a Deciphered Intentions

Trademarks: Number 217 (Butterfly Lock)
Nero puts his own hands under (OPPONENT)''s armpits, who is prone on the mat
and locks his arms behind his back performing a (DAMAGE) Number 217

Life To Lifeless (Samoan Driver)
Nero lifts his opponent on his shoulders
crashing him on the ground, executing a (DAMAGE) Life To Lifeless

Finishers: Downfall (Both Wrestlers Are Running) [Stu Hart Special by Teddy Hart]
Nero kicks {THE OPPONENT} in the gut and pulls his head in between his legs, then lifts him up for a powerbomb but lifts him over for a Gory Bomb
Nero grabs (THE OPPONENT)''s neck and pulls it while popping his hips back to swing (THE OPPONENT) off and makes him flip in mid-air. Then catches him with both arms, throws him down for a sit-out powerbomb, and presses him down on the mat for a pin executing (DAMAGE) Downfall

Ablaze (Stunned) [Front Facelock lifted into a Brainbuster, without arm]
Nero grabs (THE OPPONENT)'s head and locks it under his armpit
then lifts him up for a suplex without the arm and drops down for a brainbuster executing (DAMAGE) Ablaze

Catchphrase: None (Really.)

Federation History: Double Brand Wrestling Federation. True Talent Wrestling. Lin Kuei Wrestling. Showtime Wrestling.
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Nero's Gimmick.
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