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 message to Madame Web

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Jarek Sindel

Jarek Sindel

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PostSubject: message to Madame Web   Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:19 pm

Camera is cut to the backstage where we see Jarek Sindel sitting on a chair, looking straight to the camera.

Jarek: Ladies and Gentleman....My name is Jarek Sindel and I have just lost my debut match. Against a woman...

Jarek makes an unsatisfied grin on his face

Jarek: A woman.....

Jarek tries to gain control over himself as he continues talking

Jarek: I'm not afraid of losing, in fact I will never do the same mistake twice. So here's a message to you Madame Web. Consider yourself lucky, I underestimated you...

Jarek starts to clap his hands in a sarcastic way

Jarek: Bravo Ms. Web, bravo! But don't get too carried away, you see I will never lower my guard down against you. The lightning won't strike on the same place twice, next time it will be me who will raise his hand in the air for victory...

Jarek gives a sadistic grin

Jarek: Until we meet again Madame Web.....I can't wait to have my share of fun with you...

Jarek flashes a wide smile as the screen fades to black
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message to Madame Web
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