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 Mr. Polo Dolo Bio

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Mr. Polo Dolo

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PostSubject: Mr. Polo Dolo Bio   Mr. Polo Dolo Bio I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 9:11 pm

Name: Mr. Polo Dolo

Nickname: MPD , Trent

Alignment: Heel

Weight: 206 Pounds

Height: 6'5

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Entrance: Rick Ross ft. Drake - Stay Schemin'

Physical Appearance: (NONE)

Background: Born in Charlotte, North Carolina in a violent Neighborhood, Trent was quickly introduced into the gang violence. Getting tattoos at only the age of 13, Thug Life and many more, Trent was very known. After a while, he was able to with-stand the violence and gang-banging and focus on his dream which was to become a Trackstar. Before dropping out of school to pursue his dream, he met a friend named Matt Miller in which they had the same dream. Miller and Trent were one of the best Trackstars ever competing against one another but having a strong friendship. A few years later, while Miller was on his way to meet Trent, he was gun-down and shot to death. Trent Guy then took matters into his own hands and trained himself to become a wrestler with his agility and strength. With that, he became one of the fastest rising superstars in North and South Carolina and decided to show his potential around the world where he met Punisher and there he changed his name to Savage as they fought in tag matches but he was still known in singles competition. Fighting in places like Texas, New York, California, and even Florida made Savage and Punisher's Reputation un-beatable. Savage then went off and joined the pro's changing his name back to Trent Guy but adding the word "Hardcore" in the middle. After leaving Punisher alone, and never seeing him again, Trent became more involved in things such as Swagg. He realized that Polo shirts were the next big then. Therefore he changed his name to Mr. Polo Dolo. But now, with all the knowledge and training he has had over the years, he plans to become successful at United States Pro Wrestling ... Where he plans to start where he left off

You Ready To Get Dolo'd Up
Step Ya Polo Up
Polo Is The Name Swagg Is The Game

Face Slam
Reverse Powerslam
Two Handed Face Buster

You've Just Been Dolo'd Up (Damage)
Polo Plunge (Damage)
Polo Pain And Pleasure (Pin)

Catchphrase: You Ready To Get Dolo'd Up?

Federation History: DWA Dirty Wrestling Alliance, PTW Prime Time Wrestling, TOC Thugs Of Carnage, WPW World Professional Wrestling, NTW New Terror Wrestling, NWA National Wrestling Assassins(2), FWA Furious Wrestling Alliance, HCW Hardcore Championship Wrestling, RWA Rippa Wrestling Association, GM of PTW Prime Time Wrestling, GXWS Global Xtreme Wrestling Society, RWU Real Wrestling University, SSW Side Show Wrestling, ECW Encore Championship Wrestling, XRW X-treme Revolutionary Wrestling, OTTW Over The Top Wrestling, PAW Pure Adrenaline Wrestling,
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Mr. Polo Dolo Bio
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